Random MISTAKE Long Sleeves

Random MISTAKE Long Sleeves


Shark Robot

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At Shark Robot we silk screen every shirt ourselves. And as much as we'd like to pretend we're perfect mistakes do happen. Most of the time the mistakes are minor but at Shark Robot we won't sell anything that's any less than perfect. Until now. 

We're offering the opportunity to get a random mistake shirt from our warehouse. We're also mixing in some rare discontinued shirts (no mistakes on them) some extra shirts we make for other people (we print for a LOT of people once again no mistakes) or get a shirt that we honestly just made an oopsie with. 

The most common type of shirts are listed below. 
A) double print. This makes the ink a little bit blurry because we accidentily double printed the image. 
B) ink didn't come through the screen fully. This happens when we don't apply consisten pressure to the ink over the screen and some parts don't come though like they should. 
C) Wrong ink color on shirt. Sometimes when we print shirts we don't have the right ink color mixed perfectly the first time. When that happens we start over. Often the ink variation is minor. 
D) Too Much ink. Sometimes the ink is just really thick often due to the screen being slightly lifted from the shirt. Pretty rare though. 
E) Made too many of a design. These shirts won't ahave a "mistake" they're just extra we made that we shouldn't have. 
F) Discontinued shirts. Everytime we clearance a shirt we usually end up with a few extra shirts in random sizes left over. 
G) Shirt manufacturer error. Sometimes the blank shirts we get from the manufacturer have imperfects such as a small puncture hole in the shirt. Rare. But it does happen from time to time. 
H) Complete mess of a mistake shirt. I doubt you'll get one of these. I don't think we've messed up a shirt "bad" for years. And if we did we'd just throw it away so no worries. Your shirt will be barely messed up. 

Why you want a mistake shirt. 
A) Perhaps you won't get a mistake shirt. It's rare but it is possible to get a shirt that's no longer being sold online. 
B) It's super cheap. 
C) it's random, which is a little bit fun. 
D) They're all one of a kind shirts. Mistakes usually can't be repeated, even if you tried. 
E) Don't like the shirt? Use if for a rag or something still decently priced.