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  • Ctrl+Alt+Del 2.0 Volume One

    CAD Comics Ctrl+Alt+Del 2.0 Volume One

    This series collects, well... everything else! If it isn't Analog and D-Pad or The Starcaster Chronicles, you'll find it here! Volume One features all of the other comics from November 2012 through December 2014. Full color, 360 pages, on 150gsm high quality matte paper. Full color hardback with a dust jacket featuring the same cover art for additional protection. Remastered Pages I've gone through and remastered the word balloons for every page, to ensure they are clean and consistent throughout. Comics Organized The Console War, The Campaign, the gaming one-shots, the sillies... each category is housed in their own sections within the book, making it easy to jump right to your favorite areas and enjoy the comics back-to-back, instead of scattered and mixed together. Notations For Posterity Some of the gaming one-shots reference a particular game, or (then) current events within the gaming industry, that may not be readily apparent years later. These comics will include unobtrusive notations below, marking the game or event they are referencing. Two Years Worth of Comics 40+ pages of The Campaign 30+ pages of The Console War, plus additional artwork 220+ gaming one-shots 90+ Sillies Patreon exclusive comics

    $19.95 USD

  • Analog and D-Pad Volume One

    CAD Comics Analog and D-Pad Volume One

    Analog and D-Pad Volume One contains the beginning of the brand new, ongoing Ethan and Lucas storyline! The book spans the first five issues of Analog and D-Pad, as well as over thirty additional pages previously exclusive to Patreon subscribers, arranged chronologically between the larger issues, for the first time ever. Full color, 252 pages, on 150gsm high quality matte paper. Full color hardback with a dustjacket featuring the same cover art for additional protection. Analog and D-Pad #1-5 I have gone through every page of Analog and D-Pad and remastered the artwork to ensure the book features the best possible versions of these pages. Patreon Exclusives Thirty-three Ethan and Lucas one-shots, previously only available to Patreon subscribers! The Original Series As a bonus, Analog and D-Pad Volume One also includes the original three issues of Analog and D-Pad, from circa 2006. These are no longer canon (and one of them was never even released), but they're still an important part of the history of these characters, and they are collected together for the first time ever in this book.

    $19.95 USD

  • The Starcaster Chronicles Volume One

    CAD Comics The Starcaster Chronicles Volume One

    Every page of the first five issues has been carefully remastered to present the best possible version of these comics. The Road Not Taken On top of the first five remastered issues of The Starcaster Chronicles, Volume One also features a section that catalogs and details every single choice that was offered to readers during those five issues, including the vote totals, and an explanation of where the story might have gone had alternate choices won. Produced directly from my original notes, you can finally get an idea of where The Starcaster Chronicles might have gone, had the audience voted  different paths! Federation Central Archive Volume One also includes a series of species profiles, detailing some of the lore behind the series' various races and their culture, as well as an overview of the United Federation's government and military structures, providing a deeper look into the universe of The Starcaster Chronicles. And More! Finally, the book collects some exclusive art and early sketches for a peek behind the scenes at Starcaster's beginning!

    $19.95 USD


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