Young Does Disney 1 & 2 (Jonathan Young) AUDIO CD BUNDLE

Young Does Disney 1 & 2 (Jonathan Young) AUDIO CD BUNDLE


Jonathan Young

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Jonathan Young brings you a fresh high-energy spin on all your favorite childhood Disney anthems.


Album Tracklist:

Young Does Disney 1:

1. Circle of Life

2. I'll Make a Man Out of You

3. Go the Distance (feat. Drew Hurst)

4. On My Way

5. Mine, Mine, Mine

6. Pocahontas Medley (feat. Grace Bray) 

7. Let it Go

8. Zero to Hero (feat. Savannah Stuckmayer)

9. This is Halloween (feat. Travis Carte)

10. You'll Be In My Heart

11. Eye to Eye

12. Gaston

13. Strangers Like Me

14. Under the Sea (feat. Travis Carte)

15. Be Prepared (feat. Drew Hurst)

16. A Whole New World (feat. Grace Bray)



Young Does Disney 2

1. He Lives In You

2. Kiss the Girl

3. Prince Ali (feat. ToxicxEternity)

4. Love is an Open Door (feat. Adriana Figueroa)

5. Stand Out (feat. SwigglesRP)

6. Part of Your World (feat. Savannah Stuckmayer)

7. Son of Man

8. When Will My Life Begin (feat. Grace Bray)

9. One Jump Ahead (feat. RichaadEB)

10. I Won't Say I'm In Love (feat. Savannah Stuckmayer)

11. I See the Light (feat. Valentina Bonura)

12. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (feat. SwigglesRP)

13. True to Your Heart 

14. Bells of Notre Dame (feat. Caleb Hyles) 

15. Hellfire 

16. I Just Can't Wait to be King (feat. Travis Carte) 

17. Beauty and the Beast (feat. Adelaida Vilches & RichaadEB)

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