Pokéjon (Jonathan Young) AUDIO CD

Pokéjon (Jonathan Young) AUDIO CD


Jonathan Young

$9.95 USD  

Jonathan Young & friends reimagine all your favorite Pokémon songs with a fresh metal twist - Topped off with the original Pokémon Theme singer, Jason Paige returning to belt out the song that defined our childhood once again. 


Album tracklist:

1. Pokémon Theme (feat. Jason Paige) 

2. Viridian City (feat. Eric Calderone)

3. Double Trouble (feat. Nikki Simmons)

4. Unbeatable (Advanced Battle) 

5. Pokérap (feat. Ahren Gray, Austin Dickey & Travis Carte) [EXPLICIT]

6. Misty's Song

7. Johto

8. What Kind of Pokémon Are You? (feat. Travis Carte)

9. This Dream (Advanced Challenge)

10. 2.B.A Master

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