Flipside: Vol 6

Flipside: Vol 6



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Maytag is a fun loving, free-spirted jester girl. Bernadette is a tough, passionate swords-woman. Together, these two women live in the fantasy world of Iscariot, where sorcery replaces the benefits of modern technology, while coming with it's own set of dangers.

Maytag and Bernadette have finally reached the destination of their quest, the capital of sorcery Eschelon. But the objective, Bernadette's father, is nowhere to be found. They employ a company called The Amberanth Network to search for him. While they wait for results, Maytag discovers something very exciting. A device called "Sound Stones." This leads her on a new quest of her own.

Contains chapters 27-31, intermissions, and an Exclusive side story!