Flipside: Vol 4

Flipside: Vol 4



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Maytag is a fun loving, free-spirted jester girl. Bernadette is a tough and compassionate swords-woman. Together, these two women live in the fantasy world of Iscariot, where sorcery provides people with all the comforts technology would provide, along with a unique set of dangers.


The so-called "genius" sorcerer Suspiria thought she had purged Bloody Mary from the world. However it seems she was mistaken. Now with Bloody Mary is back with a vengeance, at the worst possible time. Bernadette may be forced int a deadly rematch. Meanwhile, Maytag wakes up to find herself in a very dangerous situation. She'll need all her powers of persuasion if she plans to make it out alive...


Contains chapters 16-20, intermissions, character profiles, an exclusive 15 page Bloody Mary side story, and a Maytag sidestory.