Flipside: Vol 1

Flipside: Vol 1



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Maytag is a jester girl with split personalities. Bernadette is her knightly bodyguard. Together, these two women live in a world where magic is real and prevalent. They appear to be best of friends, however there is more beneath the surface of their relationship than it seems. Trouble also seems to follow them like a dark cloud.

Crest is just an ordinary young man with a crush on his favorite entertainer...a jester girl named Maytag. Although he works up the nerve to ask her out, he is sadly rejected. His troubles compound when a dangerous game of poker lands him in hot water. But just when things seem their bleakest, Maytag reappears! Giving Crest a second chance at life and at love.

Contains chapters 1-4, Intermissions 1 & 2, a history of Flipside, a summary of Book 0, and a "secret section."